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Digital Printing Cost
Digital printing is fairly new technology which is prominent in the printing industry.
It is simply faster, easier and inexpensive than conventional printing technology.

It uses computers to cut printing process to provide faster turnaround times, lower production and setup costs, and easier to personalize documents.

There are a couple of different ways to describe digital printing, Short-Run printing, and On-Demand printing; each term is used interchangeably
Pre-press/setup costs are significantly lower than most plate printing methods.

This makes making digital short runs much more affordable allowing users to print only the necessary quantity that is needed.

Whether high or low volume quantity is required JAC offers both quantities thus reducing the un-necessary costs
Advantage of Digital Printing
Turnaround time

Digital imaging allows quick turnarounds and the ability to change images "on the fly."

Digital printing simplifies the process of proofs and setup that conventional printing methods involve. Because the ink dries instantaneously, finishing can be done immediately - allowing for turnaround time to be considerably less than a job done on a conventional offset press.

In most cases jobs can be delivered same day while enjoying the benefit of a non-rush extra charges.

There are print projects best suited for digital printing while higher and larger size printing will be more appropriate on offset printing. To find out the best solution for your projects, please compare the pricing as listed or contact one of our account representatives.